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Blue Stone Chime 34"

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The Sunset Vista Designs Blue Gemstone wind chime adds culture to any home or garden. Crafted with durable wood and aluminum - a solid black wooden topper contrasts to 5 silver aluminum tubes creating a harmonious blended sound – soothing and rejuvenating. A wooden ring surrounding a natural gemstone acts as the wind catcher. Feng Shui - Experience serenity with the Tranquil Blue Gemstone Wind Chime . Representing blue jade, this tranquil chime emits peace and serenity. It will relax and restore you and get rid of your negative energies. Handcrafted / anodized aluminum. Features simulated Blue Jade. Includes easy hanging hook. Solid wooden center clapper. Perfect gift for the Feng Shui enthusiast! Measure approximately: 5" x 5" x 34"