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Foxgloves Gauntlet Glove LRG

Foxgloves Gauntlet Glove LRG

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Protection perfected! Comfort, dexterity and superb performance define this Gauntlet. Perfect for thorny and abrasive tasks. Lightweight synthetic leather padded palm and reinforced fingertips protect against thorns and bruising. Resilient synthetic suede cuff guards against scrapes and scratches. Designed to provide maximum comfort and complete dexterity. Features Synthetic leather palm is thorn and puncture resistant Padded palm cushions and protects hand Reinforced fingertips for added protection and longer wear Tough and resilient synthetic suede back and cuff Wide cuff fits comfortably over long sleeves Supple, breathable fabric Machine wash gentle cycle--line dry

Large fits glove size 8 1/2 


• Made in Indonesia • Weight: 0.26 lb
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