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5.7" White Ceramic Pot with Wood Stand

5.7" White Ceramic Pot with Wood Stand

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Indoor/outdoor use: While most clay or terracotta planter pots are sensitive to weather, our planter pots can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Glossy finish: As the finish of this model is glazed, the planter pot is shiny and glossy. This makes the planter pot look classy, and suitable for almost all interior design styles, from casual and modern to luxurious.

Wooden stand: This planter pot comes with a stand made from acacia wood. The stand helps to hold the planter pot more sturdily, as well as contributes to its aesthetics

Waterproof: The planter pot does not absorb water, this helps to keep the surface around it cleaner and the pot itself will also look tidier after watering. Please note that plants are not included.

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