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Wildflowers Seed Balls for Butterflies- 30 count

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An easy-to-grow pollinator garden for the bees! This mix includes our best-seller mix of 22 US native wildflowers. The mix includes flowers that will bloom from early spring to late fall so bees have a food source all year long! This mix also includes host plants that caterpillars like to eat and lay their eggs on. Plant in full sun is the best but because there is such a big variety you can plant them anywhere and some of the flowers will thrive! To plant, toss seed balls 3-6 inches apart in a sunny area over the soil. You can let mother nature take over. Or you can water them to start the process. Keep the soil damp until some of the seeds sprout. Then water regularly until established with two sets of leaves. Some seeds need weather cues from mother nature, such as winter and the day length.